Lightweight Aluminum Race Swingarms – Starting at $800.00 (uncoated)

Lightweight Aluminum Race Swingarms – Starting at $800.00 (uncoated)

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HARDCORE cycles offers lightweight aluminum race swingarms starting at $800.00.

These arms are made from our exclusive 6061- t6 aluminum extrusion. they are lightweight, strong and dependable. The swing arms include air tank, 3 hole chain adjusters, nos mounting tab and threaded holes to attach a chain guard. For powder coat add $100.00.

We also offer layaway, $200.00 down starts your order. This price is good for swingarms up to 73 inch wheel base (approximately 16 inches longer than stock).  For any arm longer than 73 inch wheel base, a brace is required.  You have the option of bottom bracing or inside bracing $150.00

Swingarm - Lightweight-Aluminum Race Swingarm